Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Day 2 (and last night)

Day 2 in Colfax, CA

Last night I get home and dad and Sam (my little brother) are waiting for me outside.

Of course I'm pissed. I wanna get home and get in my underwear.
Yesterday my dryer caught fire and I had to call out an electrician. My dad hasn't had a washer/dryer in about 10 years (seriously). He's been going to the laundromat.

Well since someone came out and fixed mine (which I acquired before I left Tucson from a friend who had extra) my dad was standing at my front door at 6pm with dirty underwear in tow.


I unlock the door and they bust in like dogs. Sam turns on the TV and my dad starts hooking up the washer dryer so he can start laundry. I looked down at the table and noticed he brought ground turkey and I knew exactly what that meant.

I kicked my shoes off and started rummaging through all my stupid crap looking for my pantry food. I finally pulled out a box of hamburger helper and started cooking.

It literally took about an hour to make. I was opening boxes in between every step and putting away dishes.
I started making Sam cook since I couldn't do both at one time.

So in one night my dad put together a washer/dryer, I cooked (partially), and put most of the kitchen away.

When we finished our shenanigans Sam yelled from the back room "I FOUND A WII WITH A BUNCH OF OLD MARIO GAMES!" And my dad immediately shot me the look of "it's on, donkey kong."

They ended up playing that stupid thing all night.

This Morning

I woke up this morning to find Olive slept in the living room. I should mention that she hasn't peed in DAYS!! I was starting to worry until this morning when I found the kitchen was completely soaked in urine.I was kind of relieved actually. She finally got it out. She ate like a king last night too as she got the leftover helper.
She's still mad at me but we're making progress. She likes that Sam has been coming over.

I drove to work this morning without a casualty.

So we're making progress.

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